Myolie Wu accidentally admits to dating Bosco Wong

Myolie Wu accidentally admits to dating Bosco Wong

After successfully filming “Fury Street Corner” last night, Myolie Wu, Joyce Tang, and Kevin Cheng were able to earn money, and thus treated the crew out for dinner. During that time, Myolie disclosed that she has plans to travel to Britain for vacation alone. When asked why she didn’t invite Bosco to travel with her, Myolie said “If I go alone, I will be able to visit my old friends”. Since she went on vacation with Bosco to Japan in the past, why doesn’t she travel with him this time around? Myolie replied, “It was different back then since others came along as well”. When asked “Why don’t you introduce your boyfriend to you old friends?”, Myolie said “I wouldn’t!”. As she immediately realized that she has said the wrong thing, Myolie awkwardly answered again, saying “He’s not my boyfriend”.

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Shawn Yue and Rainie Yang once again collaborate as lovers

Shawn Yue and Rainie Yang once again collaborate as lovers

Shawn Yue and his past rumored girlfriend Rainie Yang attended the opening ceremony for their new film “The Child’s Eye” yesterday. Due to his aunt being quite ill, Shawn appeared to be unhappy yesterday. Coincidentally, Rainie’s aunt is also suffering from illness. Both appear to be having the same problems.

At the opening ceremony there were no forms of communication between Shawn and Rainie; they both appeared to be unfamiliar with one another. Afterwards, reporters asked to take a photo of them. Shawn appeared quite awkward even though there were also other actors and actresses with them. Rainie has many fans in Thailand; 7 or 8 of them appeared at the ceremony requesting to take photos with her. Rainie politely greeted them in Thai.

In the film Rainie and Shawn act as a couple. Since cooperating in the film “Tomorrow” 8 years ago, they have not kept in touch. They have only bumped into each other at awards ceremonies. Cooperating once again, she feels that they have both matured. Will they have intimate scenes in their new film? Rainie said that they won’t. In contrast, there will be many scenes of them arguing. Is she worried that there will be rumors of them once again? She said breathlessly, “It has been a long time ago. At the time, the rumors were very lame. Time has proven that we are innocent. I am very happy. There was no awkwardness between us in our collaboration this time”.

Since Shawn’s aunt is very ill and is currently in the hospital, he worn sunglasses throughout the ceremony and appeared to be expressionless. He expressed that after the cermony is over, he will rush back to Hong Kong to visit his aunt. He will return to filming next week. He will only be playing a cameo in this film, so filming will take only about two to three weeks. As for his salary for this film, he will only be accepting “cameo salary”. Will his family problems affect his mood? He said, “Definitely not”. When asked if Rainie has changed since their last time cooperating, he felt that she didn’t change much and is still very young. With regards to Rainie revealing that they did not keep in touch, will he ask her for her phone number this time? He said, “I forgot to ask. I was too concentrated on filming. Later on we will be able to see other due to job opportunies or promotion events”. He revealed that they will have a romantic scene in the film. When asked if he is afraid that rumors will spread again, he said that rumors can not be evaded. If people decide focus on them, there is nothing he can do about it.

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Maggie Siu refuses to comment on Ekin Cheng’s relationship issues

Maggie Siu refuses to comment on Ekin Cheng’s relationship issues

(Only translated Maggie’s parts)

Last night, Maggie Siu attended the first anniversary celebration for Easy Pha-max. She is the spokesperson for their health product. The event was arranged by the founders of the company.

Arriving in a sexy low-cut gown, Maggie attracted many audience members who requested to take photos with her. She expressed that she has been their spokesperson for one year, but has been using their product for two years. She feels that their product has had a positive impact on her metabolism, and she doesn’t feel tired easily now.  Maggie revealed that she will be filming a movie and tv series very soon. When asked if she wouldn’t have the time to date, Maggie replied that it’s a secret. She is very happy to be able to work. Reporters then asked of such rumors as Ekin Cheng having relationship problems, and Ekin getting married. Maggie replied that in the past, he treated her quite well, so she refused to respond to such rumors.

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Julian Cheung will be performing at Hong Kong Coliseum in October

Julian Cheung will be performing at Hong Kong Coliseum in October

After 5 years of not releasing albums, Julian will be releasing his comeback album in October under Neway Star. He also plans to hold a concert in Hong Kong Coliseum sometime next year. When he was asked if he wants to be “Number 1 Brother”, he said said “Not at all. I just hope that everyone will be like one big family”.

Jealous of Leslie Cheung

There are reports that Anita Yuen enjoys being a “Following Wife” (following him around), in order to block Julian from peach blossoms (Chinese saying for having luck in new relationships with the opposite sex). Julian said, “This is not true. She rarely ever follows me around. Both of use are busy”. Julian admitted that they both love each other very deeply, so it is inevitable that they get jealous when either party works with those of the opposite sex. He revealed that he got jealous of Leslie Cheung in the past. He said, “Back in the days when Anita and Leslie filmed together, Iwas shocked when I saw their emotional or intimate scenes. At that time, I was very jealous. Leslie is the only person who made me jealous. I know that I shouldn’t have felt that way, since they were only doing their job”.

Julian’s new album will include a duet with Myolie Wu. Myolie praised that Julian is a very good singer. She said, “With a singing voice that hasn’t been heard for so long time, I got so emotional, I almost cried listening to it. As well, he sang so well that when it was my turn to sing, I felt a lot of pressure”/

Video clip of Julian expressing his plans to hold a concert next year:

Video clip of Myolie expressing the pressure that she feels when singing with Julian:

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Kelly Chen carries a large “basket” when making mooncakes

Kelly Chen carries a large “basket” when making mooncakes

Although Kelly Chen is pregnant, it seems that she has been working non-stop. She has been recording her new mandarin album, as well as filming commercials. Deciding to be like the rest of the working women, Kelly only arranged for a 10 week maternity leave. This is a large contrast compared to other pregnant stars who decide to stop work and rest at home once they are pregnant.

Kelly is already eight months pregnant.  At eight months, the baby can be born at anytime. Kelly said that her belly is large like a “basket”. Recently, she has been having the sudden urge to eat durians or avacadoes. When she is riding in a car or a boat, she is starting to get motion sickness. However, she continues to be the spokesperson for Mei Xin Mooncake. This is their third year cooperating. In order to provide Kelly with an adequate amount of time to prepare for childbirth, they filmed to commercial at an earlier time.

The storyline behind this years commercial focusses on Kelly learning how to make mooncake. After filming the commercial, Kelly realized that making mooncakes is not an easy task. She said, “Making a good mooncake requires a lot of knowledge. Knowledge is required when choosing the lotus, egg yolk, wrapping, etc. When inserting the ingredients into the mold, we have to sprinkle flour into the mold first, etc, etc. It really is very complicated. Still, I wish to be able to make a box of mooncakes by myself. I think it would be a very thoughtful gift”.

The designer for the commercial especially arranged for the pregnant Kelly to wear flat shoes and loose clothing. Kelly said, “Filming this time has been very comfortable. The crew even provided many snacks, fruits and magazines for me”.

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Esther Kwan returns to filming; afraid that her acting abilities are not up to par

Esther Kwan returns to filming; afraid that her acting abilities are not up to par

Esther Kwan returns to filming for TVB. She will be cooperating with Roger Kwok, Michelle Yim, Regen Cheung (from Hotcha), etc., to film “Five Tastes of Life”. She said that her daughter has a nanny, and Nick also has free time to stay at home with their daughter, so she can relax and do her own things. She is also using this time as an opportunity for her daughter to learn how to be independent. She revealed that when her daughter goes to the washroom, she needs someone to help her put on and take off her pants. Esther also expressed that since she hasn’f formally filmed for several years already, she is afriad that her acting abilities are not up to par.

In this series, Roger will act as both the father and son. He will have relationships with Michelle, Esther, and Regen.

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Roger waited for his wife to gain weight before having a baby; Michelle Yim may get married at the spur of the moment

Roger waited for his wife to gain weight before having a baby; Michelle Yim may get married at the spur of the moment

Yesterday, Roger Kwok, Esther Kwan, Michelle Yim, Vivien Yeo, Derek Kwok, Regen Cheung (from Hotcha), etc. attended the costume fitting for the new series “Five Tastes of Life”. Liza Wang visited and handed out “marriage candies”. Roger hopes that Liza and Law Ka Ying will be happy after marriage. He expressed that Liza showed her feminine side yesterday, as opposed to her usual aggressive nature. He jokingly said, “Liza is even better now, becoming the woman of all women”.

Roger’s wife Cindy Au had two miscarriages in the past. He was worried about her health, and said that if they were to have a baby again, she needs to nurture her health and gain weight. In this series, Roger will be in a relationship with Esther. He will also act out two roles. In one role he will be old and act as Michelle’s husband. Roger and Vivien will play brother and sister. Overall, he will take on roles with his age ranging from young to old.

As for Liza asking her when she will get married, Michelle laughed and said that she’s happy for her. Once she found out about Liza’s marriage, Michelle and her boyfriend sent her a text message, wishing them to be a forever loving couple. As for when she will get married? Michelle said that being happy is most important. Every year, she would go to Los Vegas for vacation with her boyfriend, but this year they did not go. When asked if she had the urge to get married when they were in Los Vegas, Michelle laughed and said, “Yes, but it was just for a short moment. (Boyfriend proposed?) Yes, but it was nothing special. He only mentioned getting married when he said others getting married”. With regards to marriage, Michelle expressed, “It depends on the mood. Maybe at the spur of the moment”.

Vivien Yeo waits to receive a large diamond stone

In the series, Vivian Yeo plays a social butterfly. Although Aloys Chen has a crush on her, she will like the rich Oscar Leung. Earlier, it was reported that Vivien is money hungry. When asked if her role in the series depicts how she is in reality? She said that it doesn’t. It was rumored many wealthy men are pursuing her and someone even gave her a pair of earrings as a birthday gift. She said, “It someone gave me a large diamond stone, I would accept it. Afterward, I would decide if it is possible for us to be together. If I know that by giving me a present, he expects me to give something to him in return, then I would not accept it. Feelings can not be expressed by money. I hope to rely on myself to make money”.

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